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(Click to see curriculum)

Lic. Randall Chuken Vargas ( Founder of ‘CHUKEN & ATTORNYES AT LAW’ )
Born on July 16th, 1970.

» Diploma Degree in Middle Education
» Graduate from the ‘Colegio Académico’ (Academic College)
» Legal English, San Diego, California, U.S.A.
» Attorney at Law and Notary Public, Law Faculty, ‘Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica’ (Autonomous University of Central America)
» Real-Estate
» Commercial Law (Mercantile Law)
» Civil Litigations
» Contracts
» Corporate Law
» Associations Law an Intellectual Property (Copyrights, Patent Rights)
In his career Randall has collaborated with many prestigious Law Firms, such as:
» In his professional labor highlights his collaboration with prestigious Law Firms in our media, such as: Weisleder & Asociados (Weisleder & Associates) and Baltodano & Asociados (Baltodano & Associates). In like manner it is highlighted his labor (work) at the Civil Tax Court in Summary Matters.
» Outstanding in his administration as President of the ‘Student Association of the Academical College of the Autonomous University of Central America’, and as its President in the Student Council.
» Currently he is dedicated to (his practice) the free exercise of the Law Profession.
» Outstanding in his participation as ‘Agent of Change’ within the leadership group at National level of the ‘Foundation Frederich Elberth’.
» He has also worked in Civil Tax Court in Summary Matters
» Administrated as President of the student Association of the Academical College of the Autonomous University of Central America, and served as President in the Student Council.
» Currently Randall is dedicated to his practice and the free exercise of the Law Profession
» Participated as Agent of Change within the Leadership group at National Level of the Foundation Frederich Elbert.
» Member of the Bar of Attorneys of Costa Rica
» Graduated from the ‘Foundation Frederich Elberth’.
» Corporate Body (Founder) of the Rotary Club of Tibás City, San José, Costa Rica
» Former Fiscal of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica – México
» Member of the Costa Rica Real Estate Brokers Board – I.D. No. 1313
» Stewart Title – Costa Rica
» English
» Spanish

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