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Chuken & Attorneys at Law

Was founded in 1998 and since then had been dedicated actively to the consultantship in the legal area. Has given professional services to all of its clients which have led to forge (form) an image of solidity, respect and confidence.

Our main objective and compromise will always be to offer and give to our clients the highest quality of service.

Being faithful to our principles, compel us to keep ourselves in constant process of update and permanent information which con allow us to be updated in all the fields in which we perform and thus letting us reach the highest degrees of specialization in all of our areas.

Our Goals

CHUKEN & ATTORNEYS AT LAW, has valued the quality of its professional services from the point of view of our clients, always procuring concrete, creative and efficient solutions, according to their different needs. The (Our) response time, the professional quality of the services and reasonable costs are proper features (characteristics) of our Firm.

In this same manner our Professional Team focuses all of its potential in the solution of problems and giving the appropriate consultanship in order to avoid them. Our goal consists in that each of our clients can be see all his necessities satisfied through our services, which are orientated to fulfill their expectations.

Waiting for you approval, serving (to assist / to be of service to) you will be an honor for our Firm.

Phone (506) 2290-6021 | (506) 2290-6024 | Cel. (506) 8836-3434 | Fax (506) 2290-6026 | Email [email protected]
Contact us at (1-954-237-332) from USA, Canada and Puerto Rico (charge of local call)
two blocks north and one block west from president's house "Oscar Arias Sánchez", Rohrmoser, San José Costa Rica.
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