Our Philosophy

Knowledge is a

cultural legacy

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Chuken & Attorneys at Law

Founded in 1998

Delivering professional services to all of its clients which have led to forge (form) an image of solidity, respect and confidence.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy make us aware about the existence of that interior force which conduct us to success, that knowledge is a cultural legacy which we have to share and that joined to the intelligence it becomes in a powerful instrument, capable of producing changes, transformations, creating new models and lasting works as an own and tangible manifestation of the power of the human kind.

Our Legal Department

Our Legal Department will supervise any of your interest in our country or overseas, we are always there for our clients, in spite of time, place or requests. Our staff consists of Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, MBAs, Any branch is cover with us: Civil, Penal, Commercial, Financial, Banking, Real Estate, Immigration, International, Intellectual Rights, Family Law.

The main objective and compromise of our Firm will always be to offer and provide to our clients the highest quality of service.

Real Estate Department

To find the property adequate to your needs will always be a challenge for us. Our Professional Team will look around all over Costa Rica to discover that property you need, either for investment or to reside. All concerning the legal, financial, administrative and structural features will be verified and delivered to you in an update inform, so you may well invest with confidence and with the conviction that what you are acquiring is the right choice.

Waiting for you approval, serving (to assist / to be of service to) you will be an honor for our Firm.

Notification service abroad

It is here informed that, we are specialized in making any notification of judicial resolution to be made abroad by a Notary Public in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Judicial Notifications No. 8687, but in agreement with all the international regulations previously established. We have overseas experience, mostly in European, Asian and American countries. The great incentive and benefit for the actor to notify through a Notary, is due to the notary's national and international competence, which allows him to act both inside and outside of the national territory. This condition far exceeds the traditional notifier and speeds up the notification which also involves fewer bureaucratic procedures. We also offer the Huissier de Justice service in France.
The main objective and compromise of our Firm will always be to offer and provide to our clients the highest quality of service.

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